Cosplay Process-Part1 (Getting the General Idea)

When choosing your character, there is not right or wrong was to choose it. However here are some of the methods that I like to use and recommend. This is a series of posts where I explain my methods of cosplaying.

First let’s get some ideas about what you want to cosplay as:

  1. Genre Searching: If you don’t have any sort of information just choose a (or multiple) genre(s). What do you like to watch? This can be anything: movies, novels, light novels, manga, , cartoon, tv show, etc. From there choose around 5 titles that you like, this will help you keep your character options relatively open.
  2. Asking for Advice: You can always ask other people who you should cosplay as. There are lots of online forums where you can post pictures of yourself, or describe yourself, to get a character suggestion. Or ask a friend on what they see you cosplaying as. However, always make the final decision yourself as you’re the one who’s going to be wearing the costume.
    • has a good reputation due to its large dedicated user database. However, there are other forums out there (ie. ComicVine, Crunchyroll).Cosplay Process-Part1 (Getting the General Idea)
    • Join a Facebook group where you can ask other members. Make sure that the group is still active so you’ll get your advice at a prompt time. Cosplay Process-Part1 (Getting the General Idea)
  3. Reusing Old Materials: With time wigs can get more tangled and messy. Reusing old wigs for a costume is a great way to save money. Contact lenses work that way too, except the have an expiration date and can easily dry up when left unattended for a long time. (You have no idea how many of my contact lenses dried up…) So use them ASAP! Use a character search tools, such as AnimeCharactersDatabase to input what you have to find a new character.
    • If your is long, consider giving it a makeover to cosplay as a character with shorter or different hair style.
    • If you have a prop that you would like to reuse, try typing it into the tag section. This will give you characters that have similar props.Cosplay Process-Part1 (Getting the General Idea)
  4. Browsing: (Warning! This can result in hours lost on the Internet) While this is my favorite method of searching, there is a lot of time that could be wasted when browsing on the Internet. So set an alarm aside so you won’t go overboard with searching on the Internet. Here are some examples and links for when you’re browsing on the Internet.

Thank you for reading. The next post will be posted soon.