Hatate Himekaidou Cosplay Process

Hatate Himekaidou Cosplay ProcessProcess (tutorial?) of my Hatate . I wanted to make a Hatate cosplay for Los Angeles and I love this Kourindou Tengu costume from Pocket Wars. I’ve started pretty late with this cosplay (2 weeks before the convention), so it’s pretty easy to see that I was rushing at the end.

Here’s the breakdown of the video.

Fabric: I’m using 1 yard of black bridal satin, and 2 yards of white bridal satin. I’m using the underside of the fabric so it wouldn’t be so shiny.

Pattern: Normally I would try out the pattern that I am making with Swedish tracing paper, but I didn’t have the time for it. The pattern is largely based on a yukata pattern so I was pretty confident in it.

Hatate Himekaidou Cosplay Process

This is the original pattern. (sorry about the water damage)

Hatate Himekaidou Cosplay Process

Layers: I’ve decided against a real inner layer and instead made faux ones using 1″ and 2″ wide ribbons.

Obi: I’m using the leftover black satin for this. I’ve just made sure that the widths were even and sewed them all together

Wing Holes: The straps for the wings will go here to make the costume look more polished. I’ve used bias tape for this.

Hair Piece: The craft foam that I’m using has a peel back side that made it easier to lay the fabric down flat against it. Then I proceeded to bundle it up as the backside wouldn’t be seen due to the . Using a thicker foam without fabric would also look good for this costume.

Shoes: You can really see that I ran out of time here (the night before the con). I’ve painted the shoes using an acrylic paint and later sprayed it with a clear sealer. While I wanted to get/make the tengu geta for this cosplay it was really out of my price range and I don’t own any power tools.

Hatate Himekaidou Cosplay Process