Hello after a long break

Hello after a long break

Hi, this is Emi again after a super long break. (Think I was gone for three months)

Recently I was looking around to see if I should change my WordPress into Blogspot or WordPress.com, but I decided to stick around with WordPress after all. I did think of Tumblr and other platforms, but I liked the professional layout of the older blogging platforms. (Plus, if I start to keep up with my Tumblr again it will be run over by reposts.) So here are some of my reasons for why I thought of moving to a different platform and why I decided to stay with WordPress after all.

Reasons Why I Wanted To Move

1) WordPress’s learning curve: WordPress has a high learning curve. Although I’ve had this blog for half a year now, I still have no idea how to change many things. Thus, I have to contact the layout makers and look up forums about my questions. I’m still learning, but learning all the coding can be quite tedious and annoying.

2) Where are my visitors: Unlike other blogging platform, where you can use tags and ‘visit other blogs’, you’re on your own on WordPress. So unless you have a good fan-base or people searching your stuff specifically, it’s hard to get a constant flow of visitors. My advice, have a good Facebook Page that has a direct link to your site.

3) Blogging procrastination: Ahh, procrastinations. Blogging is built and ruined in the name of procrastination. I can be blogging out of procrastination, and not blogging out of procrastination. I was thinking that by having a more constant flow of visitors to my blog, it will help me start blogging more.

Reasons Why I Decided To Stay

1) Changing domain: I’m on SiteGrounds right now and the cost of changing the domain name is $14 extra to what I have already paid. If not, I would have to have a ‘thisblog.smilingbubble.com’ link for people to click at when they visit ‘smilingbubble.com’. I want the people visiting my blog to just see my contents, not be redirected to a different page. Plus, I’ve still got half a year of the maintenance fee already paid.

2) What I’ve already paid: I’ve started this blog back in January and I paid the annual price for the security, domain name, plus extra to have the blog up. The layout of this blog is also already paid. I wanted to keep working with it not to waste the money that I have already spent.

3) Picture size: BlogSpot, WordPress.com, and other platforms only allow a certain amount of data in the blog (remember, I’m not talking about Tumblr). Many of the platforms only allow 1GB to 3GB of content unless you’re on a premium account. Any blogs will quickly fill up that space if you’re posting pictures or videos directly to your site.

This year at Expo, I’ve started to hand out my new cards that had my website information. Plus, I’ve begun to be more active on my Facebook Page (facebook.com/smilingbubble), and there are more people reading what I’m posting. I’m hoping that by having more people visiting my site it’ll motivate me to keep creating new content.

On a side note, I’m planning to move at the end of July. After I move, I’ll start uploading videos on my YouTube Channel (youtube.com/thesmilingbubble) and writing more about it on my website.