Taiwan (Hetalia) Tutorial

Although I made yukatas and pajamas before, I consider this as my first handmade . I’ve worn this to Expo of 2012, which is my first AX.

Tip: Brocade and Satin are easy to get unwinded, so use a French seam (or a serger) to make everything neat!

MaterialsTaiwan (Hetalia) Tutorial

  • Pink Brocade Fabric (3-4 yards)
  • Gold Satin Ribbon [2 inch wide] (25-35 yard)
  • White Bridal Satin (2-3 yards)
  • Gold Cord (3-8 yards)
  • White Chiffon (1-2 yards)
  • Waist Band Elastic (2-4 yards)


  • Get the Cheongsam pattern from here for free, find your size and print the pattern outTaiwan (Hetalia) Tutorial
  • Alter the pattern; make the dress into a long top and add long sleeve too (the sleeves gradually becomes wider)
  • Add the gold ribbon on the edges of the top (See photo for reference)
  • Knot a frog closure (or how many you want to), here’s a , and hand sew it on your top
  • Cut the chiffon into 7-12 inch wide strips and sew it (adding folds to it as you go along) to the sleeves
  • Find out how long you want the skirt to be and make it the radius of your circle skirt. Grab your elastic and start making a circle skirt. If you need help sewing a circle skirt, this website has a tutorial on it.
  • Sew on the gold ribbon about 2 inches away from the edge. (Now for mine I just used the leftover brocade and leftover chiffon)
  • Grab a pair of pink shoes, brown wig, and pink flower clips and put it on with the rest of the costume.

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