Marisa Kirisame Tutorial

Marisa Kirisame from Touhou. This cosplay was a simple one, so I’ll recommend it to beginners who want to start using their sewing machine to make their cosplay. (Copied from my old Tumblr)

*I didn’t want to make the collar turtle-necked, so I replaced it with a detachable collar.


Marisa Kirisame Tutorial

  • Black Dress
  • White Detachable Collar
  • Six Buttons (White)
  • 3-5 yard of White Cotton
  • A roll of White Satin Ribbon (1/2 inch)
  • 1 yard of Black Felt
  • Glue Gun
  • Sewing Machine
  • Threads (Black and White)


  • Black Dress
    • Start off with a black dress. I recommend working with a black dress with white puff sleeves, but you can always work with whatever you can get your hands on and replace the sleeves.
      • You can easily get this online, just type in black puff sleeve dress and browse
    • Now sew six white buttons on the front of the dress.
      • It’s easiest to find the right place while wearing the dress. Grab six safety pins and pin the areas that you think the buttons belong by looking at a mirror or by asking your friend for help.
  • White Bottom Ruffle Trim Marisa Kirisame Tutorial
    • Get your white cotton fabric and make in into a strip that is  2 inches wide (broader or shorter if you want to).
      • Depending on the dress and how many pleats you want, you would need about 3-6 yards of the 2-inch wide fabric.
    • After you finish cutting the fabric, attach the fabric together to make one very long piece of fabric and clean the edges off by using a rolled hem or a serger (or any method)
    • For the pleats, I just pinned the fabric on one end of the dress and just estimated how deep I wanted my pleats to be.
    • Stitch the pleats on the dress, cut the excess off, and stitch the ends of the pleats together.
  • Detachable CollarMarisa Kirisame Tutorial
    • Now grab a white detachable collar off of or any kind of accessory store. Or make your own by using your dolly or white fabric.
    • If you want more support on the collar you can sew it as the last step or use a safety pin.
  • BloomerMarisa Kirisame Tutorial
    • I’ll later create a of one, but bloomers are easy to make. Also, eBay normally has it around $20.
  • ApronMarisa Kirisame Tutorial
    • Cut a 3inch (or wider) fabric about 3 yards (or longer). For mine, I added an extra 2 inches at the ends because I wanted a little bit of a flair going on at the end. Clean up the edges by your desiring method of choice (I used a folded ribbon here)
    • Cut a D-shaped fabric as big as you want for the main body of the apron.  Attach it to the apron waistband that you just made. (I added tiny folds to mine for dimension)
    • Made one-inch pleats for the edges of the apron (about 2-4 yards long). Cut the fabric up, clean the edges and start folding them to your apron. (I also used folded ribbon for this)
  • HatMarisa Kirisame Tutorial
    • I used an old straw hat from the Dollar store and used two layers or black felt for the rim of the hat. Sew or glue on the parts, it’s OK to have gaps between the cone part of the hat and base of the hat.
    • Cut a 5-inch wide strip of white cotton for about 2 yards. After sewing the edges shut carefully pin the fabric around the inside of the hat while going around the rim of the hat. (This was one of the hardest part in the cosplay as the pleats goes around in a circle.) Sew the pleats on the hat or glue it.
    • Now cut the white cotton about 3-5 inch wide and long enough to circle around the rim of your hat. Glue the fabric on the hat using a glue gun.
    • The last step, make a bow using the leftover fabric. You will need about 24inch by 5inch white fabric to make this. I didn’t use this tutorial, but it has the main components of making a bow in it. After you finish making the bow, find where the white fabric meets on your hat and glue it there by using your glue gun.Marisa Kirisame Tutorial
  • Etc
    • Grab a blonde wig (unless you are already blonde), hair ribbon, white socks, black shoes, and wear it with the rest of the costume.
    • If you want, props make a Mini-Hakkero or/and grab a broomstick from a costume store





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