Rub n’ Buff Review

I tried the Rub n’ Buff as there are a lot of good reviews on using it to make armors, instead of metallic spray paint. Although the foam armor is covered with Mod Podge before painting, if every inch isn’t properly covered there is a risk of the armor melting from the spray paint. 

Rub n Buff ReviewRub n Buff ReviewI wanted the the color of Sliver Lining (shown on right). So, I bought a tube of Antique White and Silver Leaf to mix them together. They were both purchased on Amazon around $6 each. It looked like a normal 3-inch tube of paint, except that it was filled with metallic goodness. 

Rub n Buff ReviewWhile the silver easily worked onto the material, the white wasn’t as good. Compared to the paint-like consistency of silver, the white had a lumpy texture. After some quick research on Google, I found out that the white just does not work well. It seems like it’s better to use a different medium if you have to use white. (ie Spraypaint)

Rub n Buff Review

Rubbing the Rub n’ Buff was pretty easy; the paint was quick to soak up into the fabric, so I used my fingers instead. The paint got out of my fingers easily with some washing with soap and water and did not stain them. After rubbing it on with fingers, go back with a cloth to erase any fingerprint left behind.

Rub n Buff Review

Small amount of the product goes a long way, so use a little at a time before adding more. Work the paint into a circular pattern and just keep adding small amounts. This part took quite some time (30 minutes for mine). After covering the material, let it dry for an hour before sealing it in. This will help to prevent unwanted accident where the sealer accidently removes some of the paint.

Rub n Buff ReviewThe breastplate that needed to be covered was around 40 inches squared. I thought I was going to run out of the paint and had to buy some more. However, I was pleasantly surprised when I only used 1/3 of the material.

As the white color did not work as well, I ended up using more silver. If I need to create the same shade again, I would rather use only the silver instead of trying to mix the colors together.

However, I’m pretty happy with the end result and the ability to create a soft reflective surface with it. Here are the photos with the final product.

Rub n Buff Review

……………..Before and After…………….

Rub n Buff Review

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