School Again?!

Hi, this is Emi. Sorry, I haven’t been updating as of late. Last month I moved to a different house and after it I was stuck with the procrastination bug that left me incapable of doing anything other than watching YouTube, reading manga and fanfic, and cooking.

My has started once again for me, and this year I have a lot more classes than I originally thought. Originally, I was going to take 4 classes. However, somehow it snowballed to 6 classes (Which is 23.5 credits). The classes I am taking right now are English, Calculus, C++, Human Genetics, Physics, and Chemistry. I pretty worried about Chemistry and C++, since it’s been a while since I took those classes. I’m also a little worried about having all of my devices powered on throughout the day (I’ll be out of the house around 7am and at home around 8pm). Hopefully, I’ll have enough money to buy some chargers this week.

At least I don’t be having an actual job this semester. (I only tutor during weekends or when I have time and it’s less than three hours a week) I know some people will take on a bunch of classes at the start of the semester, only to drop it a few weeks later. (at least the parking lot situation will be better after a few weeks)

I’ll start to update my more often now that I have time in between classes. And keep on saving my money to buy a camera. I’ll test my mic on Thursday to see if all of my equipments are working properly and maybe make my first video.

Hope everyone will have a wonderful start of a new school year and remember to not overload yourself with classes!

School Again?!

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