Silica Breastplate Tutorial


Silica Breastplate Tutorial

The long awaited of Silica. As I didn’t take photos of the red coat, I thought I’ll explain the of making the breastplate. The breastplate was the first armor that I created, so I learned a lot through its progress. I hope that everyone will find this tutorial useful.


  • Large craft foam sheets
  • Wire for stability (I used 15 gauge)
  • Sealer (used Mod Podge)
  • Foam Brush
  • Paint (or Rub n’ Buff) [if you’re using Rub n’ Buff get floor wax to seal it in]
  • Glue Gun
  • Superglue
  • Scissors
  • Velcro or D-Rings with Ribbons (Anything to piece your armor together)
  • Acrylic White Paint or White Spray Paint
  • Large sheet of paper (newspaper or paper taped together)
  • 1 inch elastic (at least 20 inches)

Silica Breastplate Tutorial

Measurements: (The measurements can be different for other people. After drawing it out on a large sheet of paper, try it on with blue tape. Then make your adjustments.) I accidentally made mine too small, so in some of the photos, you can see it warping. So make sure you have enough room!

  1. The length between one spaghetti strap tank top to another (or bra) plus an inch
  2. Measure your band width (Circumference of your bra) divide by two and add 5 inches {If your chest is large you’ll probably have to make some adjustments to this part}
  3. Shoulder strap (of a tank or a bra) down to #2, add 2 inches
  4. Collarbone to highest point of chest minus an inch (DO NOT CUT!!! just mark it with a pen)
  5. #2 minus 1 inch
  6. This part can be any length, I used half of #1
  7. Also, each side of the triangles is 1 inch

After sketching out the template try it on before, transferring it onto a large craft foam sheet. I got mine on Amazon, but they are sold in most craft stores. I used white for the base and black for the lining, however as long as the foam is sealed you can spraypaint it to the color of your choice. 

Silica Breastplate Tutorial

After cutting the foam sheets, start on the curve of the breast place. Carefully fold the foam sheet to the fold line. Now you can see that there is some overlay on the material. So snip a little off the end to make the whole thing smooth.

Hot glue the wire onto the inner part to add stability (optional) and create some shape. Finished by gluing the two pieces at the end together.

Make sure that the pieces fit nicely, and it fits you by trying it on with some blue tape before proceeding.


Now let’s start on the lining. I’ve broken up the lining like this so it will be easier to cut it out. I just cut out a piece that is the length of the side of the armor and width of 1.5 inches. Sandwich the armor into the lining with a piece of wire (optional, can be added for stability) and hot glue it together.

Silica Breastplate Tutorial

It will look like this with everything on. Silica Breastplate Tutorial

Now cover the whole thing with Mod Podge so you can paint it. When using Mod Podge use a foam brush to layer it on. Try to get the surface as smooth as possible. I didn’t use a foam brush, so the surfaced looked a little uneven. I attempted to sand it out, but it wasn’t a vast improvement. 

ISilica Breastplate Tutorialf the foam sheet is mismatched or not close to the color that you want (unless it’s white), you can add a base coat to it. I used acrylic paint as only the borders were black and then sealed it with Mod Podge. If you want to use spray paint for this step, make sure that it is entirely sealed, or the foam will melt.

Silica Breastplate Tutorial

Silica Breastplate Tutorial

Now time to paint the whole thing! Some people prefer to use Chrome spray paint for this, but I thought that I should try Rub n’ Buff. I used white and sliver for this as I wanted a light silver armor. However, I found out that the White Rub n’ Buff did not do much. For the review of the Rub n’ Buff, please visit here –> LINK!!!Silica Breastplate Tutorial

Start rubbing the paint to the craft foam using your fingers or a rag. Use a little at a time, and rub it using a circular motion.

After covering it completely, use the floor wax to seal it in.


For the straps, I used velcro on the side so it’ll be easy to get in and out of it. This was not my best idea as it as pretty weak. I glued the velcro on with hot glue, however due to the heat it was quickly weakened. If you’re planning to use velcro, use Superglue to hold the velcros together. Also, make sure that you’re velcro is long enough to move comfortably.

Rather than velcro, I would recommend using a D-Ring to put everything together. Use a piece of ribbon and Superglue to place the D-Ring on each side of the breastplate. Then thread another piece of ribbon to create an adjustable breastplate tie.

For the top of the breast place, I used 1-inch wide elastic running cross back to each other. The cross back method stops it from slipping off and gives more stability. Just glue it on using Superglue.

Now you have a breastplate created from craft foam!!!

Silica Breastplate Tutorial

TIP: The craft foam traps the air inside, so it’ll be pretty toasty wearing it. If possible, try to stay in an air-conditioned environment or wear this costume in the cooler season.

TIP: Bring a bottle of Superglue with you, it will save you in a pinch.

Cosplay picture of me wearing the armor. More HERE.Silica Breastplate Tutorial

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